Monday, March 23, 2015

the force is strong with this one

Ollie's first birthday was a success!! 
We had a black & gold Star Wars theme and it was so fun!!
We all wore Star Wars shirts, but his first birthday Star Wars shirt was the cutest!
Turns out I am one of those crazy mom's that go overboard.
Yes, I realize he's one and doesn't understand what the big deal is,
but I do,
and I think Ollie is the biggest deal!
So lets begin the picture tour of his awesome party:

the decor
Gold stars hanging everywhere from the ceiling. Super cute Darth and gold banners. A monthly picture progression of his growing.
the food
These food labels were my favorite part of the party (besides Ollie of course)!
 Scott made the cupcakes and they were sooooo super tasty! We bought some Star Wars stencils to give the cupcakes an extra boost of awesome, but it didn't work out as planned. 1. The stencils were too big for the cupcakes and 2. It doesn't work to use powdered sugar to stencil a cupcake when there is frosting on it. The cake didn't turn out as planned either. I just got the cake at Harmons Grocery Store (since the plan was for Oliver to dig his little hands into it) and for some reason they thought they should add a purple border when I told them no yeah. We added the X-Wings and Tie Fighters ourselves from a Star Wars battleship game we have.

the games
Since Ollie's cousins are older I wanted to have a couple fun games for them. We had a Millennium Falcon pinata full of candy and Star Wars rings. Then we played pin the Darth mask on the baby. Both were a hit!!

I really did love planning all the little details and decorating for the dudes first birthday! It was fun, if not a little stressful at times, but mostly fun. I'm pretty sure Ollie had some fun too. At one point he was under the table eating food...what kid doesn't love that!?! Haha! The only part he didn't like was when we sang Happy Birthday. Poor little guy cries every time he hears it...maybe we are all just terrible singers?? I'm pretty sure I sound like Pink so it can't be me that's causing the tears! :-) Hopefully by his next birthday he will enjoy the singing a little more.

A big Thank You to all the family and friends that made it to the party or wished they could. Having good people around us makes these life events even more special!