Friday, January 23, 2015

Oliver is a ten!

Now that we have a crawler, Oliver is getting into everything! Of course he is going right for the things we don't want him to: stairs, garbage can, toilets, fireplace, and eating everything he can find on the ground on the way! It's pretty darn adorable to see him crawling around though! Things that are also pretty darn adorable (besides his cute face): Ollie clapping his hands whenever he hears someone else clapping, his screams of excitement, his laughter, seeing him "read" his books, his silly personality, smacking his lips when he's hungry, and really anything he does that isn't fussy butt crying.
We sure are smitten with this happy baby! Only 2 more months and he'll be 1!! So crazy! I need to start planning his party now!!

^ ^ ^ I think this is my new favorite photo of my boys. Haha! I feel like this is going to be my life trying to get a good photo from them.