Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 month update

Baby boy is 5 months old!! 
I don't know how Oliver has gotten cuter than he already was, but my stars he is freaking adorable!
Here is the proof from this last month:

He loves to take baths and pee in his towel when I'm drying him off

Getting better at tummy time!

This is what happens when he can't put something in his mouth

Post nap selfie time

First taste of solids!!

Went up to the Steele family cabin in Oakley and spent some time at the lake near there

Always playing with his feet! 

For the most part Ollie is a very happy baby. If he's tired or hungry watch out!
Also, he seems to struggle with being babysat and turns into a major cry baby! I don't know if it's cause he misses us (I didn't think babies got that attachment until 6 months), if it's the time of day, or if it's just he only likes the way I snuggle him?? Next time we will try a day date and see if that goes better. Maybe without a bed time involved he will be a happier camper??

In other news I've already ordered part of his Halloween costume and have started listening to Christmas music. I'm so excited for the upcoming holidays and showing Ollie the awesomeness that is Halloween and Christmas (the 2 best holidays ever)!!