Sunday, October 19, 2014

lucky number 7

Oliver is getting so big!!! We are closer to a 1 year old than we are to a new born. So weird!!
 I must say he gets more and more fun everyday!
He gives his smiles to everyone he meets, though at times he gets shy and has to bury his face in my shoulder. He loves to giggle with excitement at all the new things he does and see, but nobody can get him laughing like his daddy! Scott seems to always get him rolling with baby tickles to his tummy.

I must say one of my favorite things is when I come home from work or go to get him up from a nap and he gives me the hugest smile and squeal because he's so excited to see me!
Nothing makes you feel more special than when your baby thinks you're number 1!
Something that doesn't make you feel special, when your baby refuses to hold your hand.
His dad is not a hand holder, but I didn't think that was something that could get passed down. Lame!
He's rejected many a people from this hand holding business though so don't take it personal if he does it to you.

One of my favorite moments from this last month was while Ollie was taking a bath and he tooted. The noise and bubbles got him so scared it was hilarious!! He jerked his whole body and covered his ears. Haha!

I just love this little guy and watching him learn about life.

Happy 7 months my big baby!