Monday, September 15, 2014

half way

6 months old!! 
Oliver has had so many firsts this last month:

First cinema experience (He was awed at first, then ate, then napped. So he did great!)
First fair (He loved looking at all the rides and lights...but did not like riding down the big yellow slide! My bad! I suppose he's still too little for that kind of excitement.)
First library outing to read
First Comic Con (Though he has been to a FanX and Fantasy Con before.)
Got to meet his great-grandma

I love seeing his reaction to people and places. He is so curious and loves to inspect his surroundings and items in his hands...or just inspect his hands! His hands are still his favorite to look at. He gives his smiles easily and sure is giggly! Mostly he is a happy dude, though he sure does have his butthead moments! These terrible moments are usually caused by sleepiness and his refusal to succumb. Silly baby!

Here's the little man's last month in photos:
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You see this kissy face? Do you see why I can't stop kissing him!?!
Now that he knows he has feet little dude doesn't even want to let them go for nap.
  Looking dapper for church!
  4 generations!
Sitting in a restaurant highchair for the first time!

AT 6 months I only have 6lbs left of baby weight to lose and my wedding ring finally fits again after almost a year of not wearing it! Woot woot!! I know some people bounce back quicker than that, but I hate them (JK, I'm just jealous). I gained 55lbs with the boy so I feel like I'm doing good! Next month will be my 36th birthday and I'm hoping to have lost the rest by then or at least be close! Wish me luck!