Saturday, December 20, 2014

that's a niner

I am loving 9 month old Oliver! 
One word: Cuddles!
He gets shy - cuddles
He's flirting - cuddles
He's tired - cuddles
He's excited - cuddles
Seriously nothing is better than a baby squeezing the crap out of you and burying his face in your neck. 
Oh my goodness just thinking about it makes me want to hold him!
He is so much fun and giggly and just so stinking cute!!

 In the big boy cart at Home Depot

 In his first big boy bath!

First Thanksgiving and first puke! I tried giving him a Thanksgiving meal of ham and gravy baby food. Apparently it's disgusting. If you want to see the event here is the video :-)


  Matchy, matchy!!

 Ollie is really into exploring my face lately. AKA poking my eyes and sticking his hands in my mouth.

Doesn't he look like a happy Buddha? Haha!


I just love being this babies mama!