Thursday, February 19, 2015

11 months...agh!!

The dude is 11 months old!! 
I am dying that Oliver will be a 1 year old in less than a month. How did we get here so fast?!? I want to start crying thinking of my baby boy growing up. Just tell me that he will always want to cuddle me and think I'm the greatest...I mean that seems reasonable right?!? I just love this boy so much I think I might burst! He is seriously so much fun! He is silly and cuddly and messy and just so darn cute!!
Here is some cuteness of the last month with my giant baby!


^^ "Helping" mama sort socks


^^ Nana & Papa came for a visit!

^^  Cutie in a crib! Serious bed head in the bottom right!

^^ I think we are going to have a hard time weaning him off pacifiers.

^^ Peeping tom alert!! No one is safe!

^^  We have cartoon/popcorn snack time more often than I should admit :-)

^^ Ollie's favorite zoo animal!

^^ Some things Ollie loves: being naked, being outside, wind on his face. 2 out of 3 here isn't bad! :-)

^^ Check out these curls!! His after bath hair is the best!

There's a new cupid in town! 
Is there anything cuter than a baby butt?? I think not!